Alison Fisher started working at North Georgia Accounting Solutions in May of 2016, but her family connection goes back much farther.

Before she was an employee, Alison was a client.

“I came to pick up my taxes and ended up having a job interview,” Alison laughs.

NGAS – the enrolled agents partnership of Tonya Maiseroulle and Marcia Hall – really had its beginnings with Marcia’s mother, who owned an accounting firm in the 1990s where both Tonya and Marcia got their start and where the two first met. Marcia’s mother used to do the taxes for Alison’s husband’s business, so while Alison may be the newest face at North Georgia Accounting Solutions, the relationship has existed for a long time.

For Alison, North Georgia Accounting Solutions was a perfect fit for what she wanted as a next step in her career.

“I was looking for something at a small company where it would be more personal,” she said. “I think that I can really help the ladies here, and I’m looking forward to getting more closely involved with what’s going on and getting to know all the clients and helping them. I want to belong somewhere, and I feel like I can here.”

Alison’s career has included a number of office manager positions where she was required to know Quickbooks and other accounting software. She also has previous experience working at an accounting firm.

Alison sees her new role as an opportunity to help the clients at North Georgia Accounting Solutions by helping Marcia and Tonya.

“I’m looking forward to being able to take the pressure off them so they can continue to provide top service to our clients,” Alison said.

Tonya said Alison’s professionalism and experience were two of the biggest reasons she and Marcia decided that Alison would be the perfect fit at North Georgia Accounting Solutions.

“We knew right away that Alison was going to be the right fit for what we were looking for in an office manager,” Tonya said. “She has the perfect background of working with accounting software and understand these issues so that she can help us and be responsive to our clients.”

Born in England, Alison moved to US when she was 3-years-old and has been in the Atlanta area since the age of 12.  She has lived in Gwinnett County for the past seven years.

She is the mother of two adult daughters and has four grandchildren.


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