There are things you can be doing as an individual or a small business owner that can save you money on your 2016 taxes, but you’re running out of time to get those things done.

At North Georgia Accounting Solutions, we encourage our clients to take a short break from their Christmas shopping and give us a call, and let’s take 10 or 15 minutes now – before the end of the year – to discover what options you may have to save money.

Should you

  • Defer income? If taking a bonus check is optional in 2016, would it be advantageous to defer it to 2017?
  • Maximize 401K and IRA contributions?
  • Make additional charitable contributions?
  • Pay your January mortgage payment in December?
  • Harvest losses? Do you have losses in your portfolio that could offset taxable gains?

We know that now is the time of year when people would prefer to think about carols and gifts, family and food, and no one wants to add to the stresses of the holiday season by thinking too much about taxes.  However, a 15 minute call to your tax preparer in December might save you some stress – and some money – in April.

So if you need to make that call to a tax preparer, but you’re not sure who you plan to use in 2017, North Georgia Accounting Solutions would love to have the opportunity to work with you. Please give us a call and let’s see how we can help with your accounting, bookkeeping or tax preparation needs.

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