Business Essentials

19Jan 2017

To determine which reimbursement plan is suited for your company, you should understand how the plans are defined, the requirements and the advantages and disadvantages. Accountable Plan – commonly associated with Expense Reports To be an Accountable plan, the reimbursement must require the Employee to meet the following three criteria: The Employee must have paid […]

14Mar 2016
business tax checklist

We work with many business clients at North Georgia Accounting Solutions, and every situation is unique. For our business clients who have no bookkeeping or accounting records, we need to have bank statements and check stubs, credit card statements and cash receipts. Especially for clients that do not have any kind of bookkeeping, it is […]

15Sep 2015

Don’t you wish Quickbooks was not a mystery and would generate meaningful reports back to your team? Watch this important video to find out how you can get your Quickbooks to go beyond a collection of invoices. As ProAdvisors, our goal is to provide our clients with not only the necessary reporting in QuickBooks, but […]