We work with many business clients at North Georgia Accounting Solutions, and every situation is unique.

For our business clients who have no bookkeeping or accounting records, we need to have bank statements and check stubs, credit card statements and cash receipts. Especially for clients that do not have any kind of bookkeeping, it is imperative that the business retain all records that we can use in preparing the taxes.

For clients that do their own bookkeeping and accounting through QuickBooks or another software, we need a balance sheet, a profit and loss statement, a general ledger, and copies of payroll tax forms already filed (if we have not prepared those). We also need the QuickBooks file, and with that we can print the other necessary reports.

For all clients, we also need 1099 forms they have received along with any business loan documents. If the clients keep track of mileage on business vehicles, we also need those forms.

The deadline for businesses to file 2015 corporate taxes (these are Forms 1120, 1120A and 1120S) is March 15, however, we would be glad to file 6-month extensions (Form 7004) and work with corporate customers to help them complete their business taxes by the September 15 extension deadline.

Business taxes checklist:
Clients with no bookkeeping/accounting records
–    Bank statements and check stubs
–    Credit card statements
–    Cash receipts

Clients that do their own bookkeeping/accounting:
–    Balance Sheet
–    Profit & Loss Statement
–    General Ledger
–    QuickBooks file if applicable and we can print above reports
–    Copies of payroll tax forms filed (if not prepared by NGAS)

If your company needs assistance with business taxes, please call our office at 678-804-4011 or email us at tonya@ngas.us or marcia@ngas.us.

We work with companies located in Buford, Sugarhill, Suwanee and throughout Northeast Georgia.

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