When Calvin Koon talks about 2008, he calls it “the perfect storm of economic woes.”

Calvin Koon, the owner of Southern Cal Flooring in Gwinnett County, remembers the years prior to 2008 as a booming time. He’d been in business for nearly 30 years, and was doing about $1.6 million a year. He had built a strong business and was considering a plan to retire in five years.

“Then 2008 came,” Calvin says. The housing industry fell off a cliff. The stock market crashed. “The industry literally stopped.”

Many of the builders he worked for declared bankruptcy, and Calvin – having paid labor and materials – saw his revenue stream dry up.

“I lost half a million dollars in a matter of months.”

Compounding his problems, Calvin was running into payment discrepancies with the IRS and the State of Georgia. Worse, an accounting error suggested to the tax officials that every proposal he was sending out was a sale.

Calvin says his troubles turned around when he met Marcia Hall of North Georgia Accounting Solutions. Marcia, he says, was able to give him hope for the future of his business. She was able to work with the IRS and the State of Georgia to resolve the discrepancies and accounting errors, and helped Calvin find strategies that would enable him to turn his business around.

Marcia Hall and Tonya Maiseroulle of North Georgia Accounting Solutions often say that they offer their customers a service that goes “beyond compliance.” To see what this meant for Calvin Koon and Southern Cal Flooring, watch Calvin discuss what North Georgia Accounting Solutions did for him.

North Georgia Accounting Solutions is an accounting firm focused on customer service. They offer tax solutions for individuals and businesses, but the services offered at NGAS go beyond compliance. Tonya and Marcia can offer their customers anything from advice on tax planning to CFO for hire services. They are licensed to represent clients before the IRS and certified to offer QuickBooks consultation services. Based in Buford, Georgia, North Georgia Accounting Services has customers throughout Northeast Georgia and South Carolina.

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