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We have had some of our Clients subject to Identity Theft – don’t let it happen to you.  Here are some helpful points on Identity Theft: Protect your Records:  Do not carry your Social Security card or other documents with your SSN on them.  Only provide your SSN if it’s necessary and you know the […]

It’s not too early to get into the Holiday Season.  The North Georgia Accounting Solutions ANGEL TREE is back by popular demand.  North Georgia Accounting Solutions will be partnering with North Gwinnett Co-Op this Holiday Season, as God has put it on our hearts to sponsor 10 Children and 10 Seniors.  This is a great […]

When Marcia Hall and Tonya Maiseroulle of North Georgia Accounting Solutions work with clients who have started a new business, they almost always recommend that the company use Quickbooks for its accounting software. Quickbooks is the most popular accounting software on the market because of its ease of use.  But Tonya and Marcia have found […]

Now that tax season has ended, the natural temptation for most people is to forget about taxes and the premium tax credit. At North Georgia Accounting Solutions, we encourage our clients to avoid that temptation. The premium tax credit is a refundable credit intended to help eligible individuals and families with low or moderate income […]

Alison Fisher started working at North Georgia Accounting Solutions in May of 2016, but her family connection goes back much farther. Before she was an employee, Alison was a client. “I came to pick up my taxes and ended up having a job interview,” Alison laughs. NGAS – the enrolled agents partnership of Tonya Maiseroulle […]

North Georgia Accounting Solutions is a proud sponsor of the Man Olympics, an annual fundraiser that pairs backyard sporting events, wings and beer to raise money for Paint Georgia Pink. With a goal of raising $10,000 in its 10th year, in April the Man Olympics exceeded that goal and raised nearly $13,000. The event is […]

  Now that tax season is over, the natural reaction of most people is to shove all their financial data in a box and be thankful they don’t have to look at it again for another 11 months. But every tax filer, before they decide to ignore their taxes for the rest of the year, […]