An Accounting Firm Focused on Customer Service

For Tonya Maiseroulle and Marcia Hall, the principles at North Georgia Accounting Solutions, their partnership dates back to the early 1990s.

Marcia’s mother, Connie Troncalli, owned and operated an accounting firm in Gwinnett County, Accounting and Tax Connection. In 1992, Marcia started working for her mother while she was working her way through college. Two years later, Tonya answered an employment ad and also went to work at Accounting and Tax Connection.

For years the two women worked together. Marcia’s mother sold Accounting and Tax Connection in 2006, and both Marcia and Tonya stayed on with the company until 2008.

In January of 2008, Marcia took a job as the Director of Finance for a fuel ethanol company. That same year, Tonya decided to strike out on her own, forming her own firm, North Georgia Accounting Solutions.

Many of Tonya’s former clients, valuing her dedication to customer service, found her at the new firm.

In 2012, the company Marcia worked for completed a successful multi-million dollar sale to an international yeast company, and she went to work for a financial services company in Duluth as its CFO for hire, working with business clients all over northeast Georgia.

In November of 2014, the two came full circle when Marcia joined Tonya at North Georgia Accounting Solutions.

It’s something we’d talked about doing for years,” Marcia says. “Finally, in November of 2014, the timing was right for both of us.

The result is an accounting firm with an emphasis on customer service where they treat all their clients the same.

It doesn’t matter to us if you make $40,000 or $4 million, you always get the same customer service from us, Tonya explains.

Though Tonya and Marcia are both enrolled agents and certified QuickBooks Pro advisors, their diverse backgrounds provide their clients with a unique accounting firm that eases the pain for business owners and individuals.

Tonya is focused on the multiple compliance issues that face small businesses and individuals on a daily basis. Staying on top of the changes with federal and state deadlines and compliance related topics sets Tonya apart from many small business accountants. Her proactive approach keeps her clients focused on their business operations so they do not have to focus on addressing government notices or penalties.

Business owners are busy with running their business. Anything that interrupts their business interrupts what they’re doing to make money. We make it so they don’t have to think about it. They know we’ve always got it covered, Tonya says.

Marcia’s background of going through a multi-million dollar sale with a company gives her insight that goes beyond compliance. She specializes in forecasting and helping with business growth and in mergers and acquisitions.

Even if a client is not immediately interested in selling their business, I can position them where they have everything in order for a sale at all times,” Marcia says. “Having someone by your side who has been through that makes a difference. I can work with legal teams and all aspects of the sale, just like a CFO would.

This is something that allows me to differentiate myself from a lot of other accountants. I can sit down and consult with a CEO just like an in-house CFO would. I know your pain points. I know where it hurts when you’re running your own company. I can help you build a custom solution for what you’re doing.

Both Tonya and Marcia say their partnership as the two principles in North Georgia Accounting Solutions is the perfect marriage of their different skills as accountants and their same focus on serving their clients.

Our business is about our customers.